Bunny Rabbits are Cuddly

I have found a few Bunny Rabbit things to show you today. 

The first thing is a video of a cute white and brown rabbit with a little baby rabbit sneaking up alongside. Very cute. 

Wasn’t that great?  The baby rabbit was white with black markings. In the video below there are three brown rabbits feasting together. They must have found the best food to eat so they are all having a good lunch.

Bunny Rabbits are very friendly.  Thet are fluffy and cuddly but can scratch you though. You have to be very careful how you hold them as they can get scared then end up scratching you.

Now you can see some photos of Bunny Rabbits. Please share if you can so lots of people can see the photos of the cuties. Thanks for looking at my Bunny Rabbit page. See you again soon.

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