Chocolate Labradors are Gorgeous

I have found a few Chocolate Labrador things to show you today. 

The first thing is a video of a Chocolate Labrador in the snow. It is a short clip and there is a bit of excitement as the Labrador wags its tail. Very exciting. Play the video and see for yourself.

Wasn’t that great? In the video below the Chocolate Labrador is swimming to the shore. Labradors love swimming. They are excellent swimmers. They have big paws that act like paddles to propel themselves through the water.

Labradors are very friendly. They were very much loved by fisherman in the North Atlantic because of their helpfulness in fetching nets, ropes and more. Watch below and see how good the Chocolate Labrador swims.

Now you can see some photos of Labradors. Please share if you can so lots of people can see the photos of the cuties. Thanks for looking at my Labrador page. See you again soon.

Black Labrador
Golden Labrador
Cute Puppy
Cute Puppy Relaxing
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